July 12th 2017, 8pm

Jackson's Lane, 269A Archway Rd, Highgate, London N6 5AA

Boys Club

"Corrosive humour, fine writing and explosive characters"
Cheek Magazine

Some girls would do anything to be on stage. This is Boys Club: a gender-bending satire on inequality by Two Tongue Theatre, coming to Jackson's Lane as part of their Postcards Festival 2017.

Two unemployed actresses have no choice but to pass for men in order to get work. Together, they host the male cabaret 'Boys Club' and deliver a testosterone-fuelled routine of dances and macho jokes... until an accident forces them to rethink their options. Awaken your inner activist in this gender-bending satire from Two Tongue Theatre.

Two Tongue Theatre is London-based duo, Sharlit Deyzac and Leonor Lemee. Moved by a joyful attraction for what is strange, dark, funny and disturbing, their theatre playfully explores the female experience and combines intense physical performances, multiple languages and audience interaction. Boys Club is Two Tongue's 3rd show, devised by the company, under the direction of dark clown master Peta Lily.

In November 2015, the 'Sony Leaks' revealed how top Hollywood actresses were getting paid less than their male counter-parts. This sparked Sharlit and Leonor's desire to make a fun feminist piece drawing from their experiences as women in the entertainment industry.

Boys Club started its life as a 30min piece titled Twisted and Tongue Tied, which was performed throughout 2016 in the UK and France. In its full length version, Boys Club premiered at Voila! Europe Theatre Festival in November 2016 and has been touring London since. It has been programmed at Theatre Utopia, The Etcetera Theatre, Hackney Showroom and the King's Head Theatre.

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