July 11th - July 15th,

Theatre N16, 77 Bedford Hill, SW12 9HD


After running a successful scratch night and 24 hour play event, new collaborative theatre company emberfly theatre now come to Theatre N16 with their first full-length production, Heroines. This new devised piece sees six of Shakespeare's women plucked from their individual plays, placed with us in the here and now in the 21st Century.

Instead of Lady Macbeth, you get Emma: Still a powerhouse, still ambitious but a bit less murderous. What about Ophelia? Would she be the same? Maybe not… Effie, inspired by both Ophelia and Hamlet, still struggles with her mental health, but wouldn't any actor with 20 jobs? Who is Juliet without Romeo? Chilling with her best mate Ros, pre-drinking and essay writing. When "shrew" Kate isn't causing drama, she resides on her yoga mat… to eat Nutella. When it all goes tits up, Delia the Defuser is always at hand. You know, they always say it's the quiet ones? No wonder Shakespeare didn't put this feisty lot in the same play!

emberfly theatre is a new collaborative theatre company of emerging artists. They seek to create work that has a focus on being positive and proactive whilst keeping the female story at the forefront. As a company with a focus on supporting emerging artists, they constantly try to provide support and platforms for emerging artists to develop skills, industry contacts and their creativity in a professional environment. Their first production, Heroines, employs six female actors and gives them the chance to be a part of the creativity from the early stages through a collaborative process.

Co-founders Joanne Sealey and Hannah Abbott met at East 15 Acting School where they trained together as actors and have wanted to create work together ever since. As actors starting out in the industry, Hannah and Joanne have both worked on several small tours and various theatre jobs. Hannah is also a founder of Fabletop Theatre established from an East 15 team who have performed their production The Girl and the Box at White Bear Theatre, it was later commissioned by Blue Elephant and then went on to Camden Fringe. Joanne is also founder of New Match Collective which performed their debut production of new script Swipe at Hen and Chicken's as part of Camden Fringe.

Thanks for the inspiration Shakespeare, we'll take it from here.

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