Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 - The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

August 3rd-13th, 16th-28th
11:30(1 hr10 mins)
Assembly Roxy(Venue 139)

The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

“A one of a kind show... Hartstone's contralto vocals make you think of a young Judy Garland”

Winner of the inaugural “Made in Adelaide” Award and the Holden StreetTheatre Award at the Adelaide Fringe 2017, producer/performer Joanne Hartstone’s “masterful performance... the best piece of theatre this Fringe” (Kryztoff.com) comes to the Edinburgh Fringe after a successful Adelaide Fringe season and a highly anticipatedrun in the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

An aspiring actress is standing on the 50 foot H, looking out at the lights of Los Angeles and the Dream Factory known as Hollywood. It is 1949: Truman is President, Marilyn Monroe is a little known model who poses nude for a brand new magazine, and nobody has ever heard of Evie Edwards.

Directed by Vince Fusco and written by Joanne Hartstone, The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Signchartsover 30 years of the Golden Age of Hollywood, including stories from the Silent Era, the Great Depression and World War II.

This new solo show will take audiences on a nostalgic journey –with a different perspective... The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Signincludes songs composed for cinema’s greatest stars -Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow and more. Joanne Hartstone takes you on an incredible journey as Evie Edwards -the girl who has only ever wanted one thing: to be a star.

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