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This summer, Pop-Up Opera return with a rarely-seen opera from the late eighteenth century, Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto (The Secret Marriage). Continuing to challenge the way opera is traditionally performed, Pop-Up Opera take their productions into unusual spaces, making them fun, fresh and intimate.

Il Matrimonio Segreto tells the tale of a rich Italian businessman as he attempts to marry off one of his daughters to a mad English toff with disastrous results. Packed with tunes and matrimonial mayhem, this exciting story about following your heart makes for a perfect summer opera filled with Pop-up Opera’s special humour, sparkle and fun.

The opera’s premiere in Vienna was the occasion of the longest encore in operatic history; Leopold II was so delighted that he ordered supper served to the company and the entire opera repeated immediately after!

Commenting on this rarely performed production, director Max Hoehn says, Il Matrimonio Segreto is a wonderful explosion of anarchy with ensembles that fizz and an array of larger-than-life, eccentric characters. Cimarosa’s music will be unknown to the vast majority of UK audiences and Pop-Up Opera's rough-and-tumble touring approach makes for a lively marriage.

Artistic Director, Clementine Lovell, comments, ‘We love the idea of bringing to life an opera which is rarely performed, and making it our own. We are excited to be working with Max Hoehn, who was recently named Best Young Director at the International Opera Awards, and whose staging has been described as ‘brilliantly alive’. He’s a perfect choice in our mission to keep making opera relevant and highly entertaining for a modern audience.’

With their signature ‘Silent Movie’ captions that add another layer to the performance, Pop-Up Opera skilfully adapt their operas to each individual venue, making every performance unique, while always maintaining the highest standards. The combination of amazing venues, along with an informal atmosphere and engaging productions, offers a greater connection to the singers and the music, something even seasoned opera-goers often miss.

This summer, Pop-Up Opera return with a rarely-seen opera from the late eighteenth century, Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto (The Secret Marriage).

Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto

Thursday 18th May – Sunday 30th July

Content supplied by Chloé Nelkin Consulting

Director Max Hoehn

Producers Fiona Johnston and Clementine Lovell

Musical Director Berrak Dyer

Captions Harry Percival

Captions Operators Rachel Hunter and Soledad Zarate

Pianists Berrak Dyer / Richard Leach

Elisetta Emily Blanch / Heather Caddick
Carolina Chiara Vinci / Catrin Woodruff
Fidalma Vivien Conacher / Helen Stanley
Count Robinson Tom Asher / Matthew Palmer
Paolino Peter Kirk / Mark Bonney
Geronimo Joseph Kennedy / Peter Willcock

Clementine Lovell, Founder & Director, Producer

The idea for Pop-up Opera was born during the summer of 2010 after company founder and operatic soprano Clementine Lovell staged a series of opera scenes in a Herefordshire barn. This venue normally staged folk music and blues, so a large percentage of the audiences were not familiar with opera.

Yet the concerts were a huge success. Having spent two years living in Italy, where opera comes to small towns and theatres, Clementine saw no reason why the same could not happen in Britain. These experiences came together to form Pop-up Opera; a unique and unconventional touring opera company.

Pop-up Opera is an innovative touring opera company dedicated to making opera enjoyable and inviting, without losing the quality of musical performance. They aim to broaden the appeal of opera and to challenge the way opera is performed, by taking it into unusual spaces and making it fun, fresh and intimate.

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